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RSVP Guidelines

The following is a guideline for how to properly send an RSVP for LAL events that require it. This is to make things more consistent and hopefully easier for everyone.

When you send an RSVP you need to put the event you are RSVPing for in the subject line. i.e. June Play party, July Demo Night, etc.

The text of the email needs to have your LEGAL NAME as it appears on you license, and your Fetlife name. If your RSVP does not have this information in it, it will not be accepted.

Be prepared to show your license at the door of the event. If it doesn’t match our RSVP list, you will not be admitted.

This is to make everyone feel more comfortable at events, and make our hosts feel safer about opening their homes up to our group and attendees.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to PM the board here on Fetlife or send an email to

Addendum as agreed upon at the May business meeting RSVP’s will not be accepted after 48 hours from the event.

Subject: January Demo
Message Body: Name – Suzie Doe
Fetname – Suziehomaker

Events that require an RSVP at this time are as follows:
Monthly Demo Nights
Monthly Play Parties

You will NOT get an address to the event if this format is not followed!!