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I am always more than happy to answer questions regarding Lafayette Alternative Lifestyles and  Some questions seems to happen more frequently than others, so check here first;  you might just find the question you are looking for.  If you do not see your question, please feel free to contact members of The Board at or The WebMasters at

Why use this website when most of the same information can be found on FetLife?

FetLife is a wonderful resource for posting content, events, and discussion, but the future of FetLife has been made uncertain multiple times during the life of the site. Therefore, it is deemed by the board, that it is for the best interest of the group to have an alternative location to post things in the event that FetLife becomes unavailable to the group.

In addition, not everyone has a FetLife account and this site allows people to find the group without requiring them to be on FetLife.

Will this website ever have discussion forums?

I hesitate to use the word “never” but it is very unlikely.  This website is pretty much maintained by one person, in her not-so-spare time, and to create and moderate a forum would take a LOT of time and energy that is largely unnecessary considering there is a perfectly good community established at FetLife.  If for some reason we need leave FetLife, the use of discussion forums here on will be reevaluated at that time.

There is a login link at the top of the page.  How do I log in or create an account?

You don’t.  That link is for administrative use.

Why can’t I comment on posts?

Comments are currently disabled for all pages and posts.  Again, if I were to open comments, it would mean that I would have to moderate them (see above FAQ re: discussion forums).  If you do want to bring something to my attention regarding a particular page or post, you may do so via email to